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Homosexuality and Bisexuality is not an identity.
It is a sexuality.


Same sex attraction has always existed throughout history, and in all cultures.

It is an innate human characteristic.

To claim, as gender identity ideologists do, that gender fluidity disallows the existence of same-sex attraction is an attack on homosexuals.

Attempting to impose gender identity ideology on the LGB is a denial of our rights.

The Fight

The Fight

Gender Identity Ideology is a threat to the hard-won victories for equality for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and women. When the term “LGBTQ+” is used it assumes a homogeneous or united group, however this acronym is referring to different concepts and groups; notably same-sex sexual orientation (LGB), and gender identity (T & Q). The needs and interests of the LGB (those with same-sex sexual orientation) are different and sometimes in conflict with those that have a transgender or non-binary identity (T & Q), it is important to distinguish these groups accordingly.

Sex Based Rights

Sex-based rights of homosexual people are no longer protected.

Transing the Gay Away

Gender non-conforming children targeted for transitioning – the new conversion therapy.

Trans-Activist Aggression

Gender identity ideology promotes homophobia, censorship, sanctioning & suppression of free speech.

LGB Forced Teaming

Piggy backing off LGB for business, power and exploitation.

State Ideological Capture

Embedding gender identity ideology into law & culture.

The Fight 2nd Layer

The Objectives


We can have no rights for women if “woman” is not clearly defined in law.

There needs to be clear definitions of homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality, woman, and man, that are not tautological in logic but based on scientific evidence not subjective, unverifiable feelings.

Definitions in Law

 The word ‘gender’ needs to be replaced with the word ‘sex’ in the anti-discrimination act, and that sex is not conflated with ‘gender identity’ in law.

No transing kids

A halt to Conversion Therapy based on Gender Identity for children i.e. "Gender Affirmative Care"

Sex Not Gender

A statutory provision to declare that sex is the paramount protected characteristic and a halt to the presumption that ‘gender identity’ is displaces the protected characteristic of sex.

Sex Protected

A statutory provision for funding, services and spaces that are provided for women be on the basis of their sex.

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