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Sex Based Rights

The erasure of the definition of sex in legislation erases same sex relationships, the right to congregate in single-sex spaces and the reality that homosexuality is not based on self-declarations of masculine or feminine gender but in same-sex attraction. When put into legislation, sexual orientation is conflated with gender
identity, and the sex-based rights of homosexual people are no longer protected.


  • Lesbian rights are seriously violated when males with feminine ‘gender identities’ identify as “lesbians” and intrude on lesbian spaces, such as dating apps or remove the right for lesbians to have female-only gatherings. The majority of these trans women have the sexual fetish called autogynephilia. They get off thinking they are women in lesbian space.

  • It has become illegal to advertise and hold same-sex gatherings and social events. Advertising such events can lead to prosecution by various Australian state anti-discrimination boards. A recent Tasmanian case can be found here.

  • Gay and lesbian culture has gone from thriving in the 1970-1990s to hiding in the shadows again while being subsumed and colonised by Trans and Queer culture. Our ability to hold same-sex functions has been made illegal.

  • When ‘gender identity’ is conflated with the material reality of biological sex, it impacts on the lives of lesbians as women and girls, as this directly contradicts the protections granted under CEDAW, the CHR and women’s rights laid out in WHRC.

  • Lesbians suffer dual discrimination as women who are same-sex attracted in a male-dominated society.

In a world where biological sex is replaced with ‘gender theory/identity’, the reality of the class of women or human females is ignored, hence all protections, political power, and rights around the class of ‘woman’ can be voided. Unlike any other social justice movement in history, the push for Gender
Identity Ideology in law is unique in that it has involved eliminating the sex-based rights and protections of women and girls. See a list here

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