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The Gender Unicorn "StartUp" - Business model for transitioning youth

The Gender Unicorn "StartUp" - Business model for transitioning youth

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The brand is 'be your authentic self' via pharmacological, cosmetic and surgical products. 


Billionaires have created “philanthropic” foundations that donate money to LGB organizations, with strings attached, redirecting priorities and resources to the T and rebranding LGB organizations as “LGBT” organizations. In order to assist in embedding gender identity ideology into law and culture to build their consumer base.

The LGB Fight Back  organisation call those  LGB organisations co-opted by the T in order to promote transgender ideology "LGBT Inc". Around the world we see all money, priorities and resources are redirected to the T. And these organisations like ACON's promote the services of Pharmaceutical companies and doctors providing body modification services through drugs and surgery.

The most influential 'LGBT Inc'. organsations pushing Gender Identity Ideology are the following:
ACON - its main role is to embedded gender identity ideology into corporate and government policy and culture through their  diversity and inclusion audits.

Rainbow Health Australia - it paid an influential role in bringing the mandatory gender affirmation into Victorian State law. It also has the key authors of the Safe School Coalition program, the promotion of a hyper-sexualised school curriculum and gender identity ideology into schools.

Equality Australia - it's pushing for mandatory gender affirmation in Tasmania, severe sanctions for those not compliant to gender identity ideology and bring religious schools under the State School System in order for gender identity ideology and youth transitioning to be in religious schools. Religion is also a competitive ideology to gender identity ideology.


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