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Nazi's hijack the #LetWomenSpeak Event

The #LetWomenSpeak event in Melbourne, organized by a group advocating for women's rights, was attention hi-jacked by neo-Nazis on Saturday, March 17.

The #LetWomenSpeak organizers aimed to provide a platform for women to speak, but their efforts were met with opposition from Antifa and Trans Rights Activists (TRA), who organized a counter-protest to prevent women from doing so. Prior to the event, the TRA had plastered posters around Melbourne labeling Kellie-Jay Keen, a pro-women's rights activist, as a Nazi and white supremacist. On the day of the event, Antifa, TRA, the Freedom rally, #LetWomenSpeak group, and neo-Nazis were all present. However, the #LetWomenSpeak organizers did not invite or endorse any other group, let alone the neo-Nazis, whose presence they condemned.

The Australian Jewish Association (AJA) also posted footage on their Facebook page, condemning the neo-Nazis and affirming their support for the women's right to speak without any association with them: The AJA also released the following statement:

“NAZIS CRASH WOMEN'S RALLY IN MELBOURNE - questions raised re police behaviour. Yesterday a "Let Women Speak" rally was held in Melbourne featuring visiting British women's advocate Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull (also known as Posie Parker) as well as local women. This movement is concerned that biological men are undermining the integrity of women's sport and spaces such as bathrooms.

AJA unreservedly condemns the Nazis who invaded the rally. These ugly thugs likely saw an opportunity to hijack the event for their own publicity.

There was some very odd policing. While the Victorian police held back the trans activists who arrived to disrupt the rally, they did not do the same to the Nazis. Rather they seemed to facilitate their entry to where the women's rally was taking place on parliament steps. WATCH the video and form your own view. This disruption caused the women's rally to disperse early. Many are saying the police should have stopped the Nazis.

The Nazis were condemned by the women's rally organisers - one contacted AJA in distress explaining what had happened. The "Let Women Speak" organisers had nothing to do with the Nazis.It is shameful that some politicians and media are now trying to smear this women's movement with the false accusation of involvement with Nazis.”

Once on the steps of parliament there were no words of support from the Nazis for the #LetWomenSpeak rally, they instead directed their speech at the TRA and Antifa. On their website their comments indicated that their intention was to take over the #LetWomenSpeak rally and they openly admitted they are opposed to both Trans activism and #Letwomenspeak. They called Kellie-Jay Keen an “atheist radical feminist” called her an infiltrator “like a Jew” that promotes “lesbianism” to reduce the white birth rate. Quote: “The other benefit is more philosophical and long term. Speaking plainly, grassroots movements which initially oppose 'Globohomo' tend to be infiltrated and directed by, if not jews, then at least atheist radical feminists with funny sounding hyphenated surnames, who are at heart liberals who merely want to turn back the clock of Liberalism to 1993 or the 70’s or something...

Both the groomer ideology of “trans” activists and the lesbianism promoted by Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull are forms of Liberalism directed by the Globohomo regime at White people in order to undermine White families, birthrates and social cohesion." From:

Along with that, on their twitter account they call KJK a “radical feminist atheist” who wants to reinforce “cultural marxism”. They celebrated the neo nazis undermining #LetWomenSpeak.

Dan Andrews the Victoria Premier condemned the rally as supporting the Nazi group giving as evidence that the Nazis were positioned nearby, ignoring the fact it was his police that positioned them there.

Given it was Dan Andrew's government who is responsible for several Gender Identity laws removing the rights of women, homosexuals and parental rights of care, his political agenda is served by smearing the pro-women event as Nazi who are crying out against the harmful consequences of his laws.

What we saw with the help of the Victorian police, was the Nazis successfully diverting attention from the #LetWomenSpeak rally, at the same time smearing the rally by proximity, by a police supported procession with the Nazis making Hitler salutes and taunting members of the TRA and Antifa along the way.

The question still remains as to why the police took this action, causing concern to women attending the #LetWomenSpeak event sandwiched between Nazis and TRA.

Why did the Victorian police take the action they did? 20/03/2023 - Additional notes and footage: 1. Police directed the Nazis to the parliament steps, close to the #LetWomenSpeak rally, look at the 28 second mark. The speakers at the women's Rally, were primarily speaking against Dan Andrew's laws that impacted women. They did thiss about 12.40 pm. 2. Another link of police redirecting the Nazis

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